Nice to meet you. I live in Perth with my husband, Andrew, and my dog, Kira (her photo is at the bottom of the page - I'm pretty sure she thinks she is human). I have blue hair. I like to organise my books by colour (see photo below).

I also suffer from anxiety, something that I have been medicated for from before Covid-19 hit. One of my triggers? Over-thinking. When? Usually when I am trying to sleep.

The best prescription? Reading a book before I fall asleep. Which I usually do while reading, the book falling on my face, and my husband having to rescue me. He thinks the habit is adorable, I think he's sweet.


I love books. I love reading them, holding them and, yes, even smelling them. But what I love most is sharing them with someone. Nothing gives me a greater sense of purpose than when I recommend a book to someone and I get the 8am text "I stayed up until 3am reading" or "OMG is XX going to die?"

But the best feeling in the world is helping someone discover, or rediscover their passion for reading.

Stephen King once wrote that "books are a uniquely portable magic" and right now the world needs an extra dose of magic. So, I launched Storybound so I could bring a little bit of escape from anxiety and the digital to the world. Or at least Australia to start off with - small steps right?


To always judge a book by its story not its cover (or its movie).

To protect the planet. Paper should be saved for the books. All of the packaging I use is either recyclable or compostable.

To use a 100% carbon neutral delivery option - even if it takes a little longer.

To help other small Australian businesses when I can.

To include items that make you smile and have a purpose. Nothing single use or throw away.

To add delight to your month and a great excuse for the "me-time" we all need.

To never be a book snob. Literary works and fun reads both deserve a place in this world.